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Our Story

We are a small family owned business run out of our home in Cambridge, MN. We started out in 2020 with a pallet of returned door knobs and heaters. We attended a holiday weekend flea market. We brought a truck, a trailer, and another vehicle just to fit us in also. We were packed to the ceiling with product and worked for a very long time getting all the door knobs sorted and inspected. We barely made our money back and thought this is way too much work! There has to be a better way. We still had plenty of door knobs to sell but decided to invest our remaining money in pocket knives. We intended on this being something we did occasionally at events to earn some extra money since we both work full time. Once we brought self defense and pocket knives into the picture everything got out of control. We very quickly had events scheduled every weekend and. We had a hard time keeping up. Our second summer we have at least one event a week for the entire summer and met lots of GREAT people. We invested money in an ambulance to take along to events to carry all of our knives! It's quite the combination and gets lots of attention. We love getting out and interacting with people and going to events with our knives! We have reinvested most everything and continue to grow with the demand. Thanks for all the support and we hope to see everyone at a show soon!

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